Green Hearts in Action

Tune in to 'Green Hearts in Action,' GNN's podcast featuring Toronto's environmental heroes.

Each episode features engaging conversations with the changemakers and visionaries who are making a real difference in our community. From grassroots initiatives to personal journeys inspiring collective action, ‘Green Hearts in Action’ is your gateway to the heart of Toronto’s green movement. Tune in to discover how passion, dedication, and action can forge a more sustainable future, one story at a time.

Recent Episodes

This month we interviewed Rochelle Byrne, working at A Greener Future. Their goal is to preserve the environment through litter cleanups, education and events.

A Greener Future is an environmental non-profit dedicated to leading the effort in sustaining a clean and healthy environment. By bringing together a community of volunteers and environmental stewards, they facilitate programs that eliminate waste from the environment. As education is at the centre of what they do, they inspire change through a variety of learning opportunities. Their programs raise awareness about plastic pollution in the Great Lakes Region, and detailed data collection sheds light on the most common items that are found during litter cleanups.

Tim Grant is a green heart in action volunteering for Harbord Village Residents Association and spearheading exciting projects like the Net Zero Carbon Project.

Dive into the heart of Toronto’s green movement with the inaugural episode of the GNN Green Hearts in Action Podcast. Recorded live at the Green Hearts event, join our host Dominic and the esteemed Helen Mills for a 20-minute journey through the groundbreaking initiatives shaping Toronto’s environmental landscape.


Dominik Haake

Dominik hosts “Green Hearts in Action,” where his background in environmental advocacy shines. Raised in Germany with a strong environmental ethos, he developed an early love for nature through canoeing and backcountry camping. His recent focus on impactful home retrofits highlights his commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Tune in as Dominik navigates the stories of those at the forefront of Toronto’s green movement.

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