Dominik Haake

Experience I bring to the role

I worked for 10 years as a videographer, photographer in marketing and communications. I specialized in small production, quick turnaround projects and have experience in live event, music videos, documentaries, small business promotion, short films and more. I am always happy to use my knowledge as a filmmaker to promote projects, so feel free to reach out to me if I can help.

Environmental issues I’m passionate about

Growing up in Germany I was raised with a strong environmental mindset. I was also fortunate to have a family that truly cared about the environment and was able to expose me at a young age to the outdoors. I fell in love with being in nature, especially canoeing and back country camping. I feel a strong desire to preserve the beauty of this world. Recently I have found myself connected to home retrofits for its amazing ability to make a big difference in our GHG emissions. I am taking steps to pivoting my career into the sustainability industry.

Why volunteer?

I was looking to connect with like-minded people taking positive action to improve our environment on a local level.

Personal fun fact

I sailed across the Atlantic đŸ™‚