Green Neighbours Network of Toronto

Do you want a climate-friendly neighbourhood, with more nature, gardens, and healthy food?
We do too.

Green Neighbours Network (GNN) of Toronto fosters connection and collaboration among people and grassroots groups across Toronto and the GTA striving to make our neighbourhoods greener, healthier, and more sustainable.

We recognize the urgency for global climate action, and our personal roles in it. We support initiatives that promote a fair and just transition to a low carbon future. 

Making connections

GNN is all about the power of connections – the idea that we can do more, and do it better, when we team up with other like-minded people. GNN can help you find those people in a local green group — or we can help you start one of your own. Looking for inspiration and allies? You’ll find both in our monthly newsletter and regular social media posts, including action alerts and all the latest buzz from other green groups across the GTA. And for the ultimate feast of first-hand connections, don’t miss our annual fall EcoFair, where you’ll meet folks behind some of the most exciting green community initiatives and eco-friendly businesses across the city.

Making friends and making a difference

GNN is also about the power of doing things together. There’s a special excitement that comes from working with neighbours to make your own community just a little greener. For a broader impact, consider joining one of GNN’s city-wide action teams on waste reduction, political engagement or home energy retrofits. They’re great places to meet kindred spirits and get involved in some cutting edge projects. Yet another way to make new friends  — and make a huge difference — is to join the amazing team of volunteers that keeps GNN going, and growing. You can find out more about that here.  

GNN Member Groups

Our member groups work in one or more categories of interest. Select a card to see our member groups working in that area.

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Volunteer with GNN

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Start a Green Group

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Member Testimonials

“[GNN] is a good way to find out what’s happening on climate and environmental issues at the community level across the city. I have learned that we have allies across the city, and have been able to unite with them to exert more influence, and I have learned about what others are doing to promote home retrofits.”

David Langille
David Langille


“What I like most about GNN is the connections to other green groups.
Join GNN to meet some green folks and find a fitting group that you
would like engage with.”